20 July 2015

During AMA’s Family Doctor Week (19 - 25 July 2015), AMA ACT President Dr Elizabeth Gallagher and Capital Health Network (CHN) Chair Dr Martin Liedvogel join together to highlight the importance of having a regular local family doctor.

AMA ACT President Dr Elizabeth Gallagher said having a regular local GP providing continuity of care often results in better health outcomes for the patient.

“Nearly 90% of Australians have a regular family doctor. We know that people who have an ongoing relationship with their family doctor enjoy better health outcomes,” said Dr Gallagher.

A trusted partnership means your GP will know your medical history and current circumstances.

“This partnership with your GP efficiently and effectively delivers holistic medical care, ensuring better health, treatment and management,” said Dr Gallagher.

CHN Chair Dr Liedvogel said your general practice becomes your own patient-centred health care home.

“When you regularly see your GP you will receive continuity of care and will be confident they will coordinate the right care that you need at the time,” said Dr Liedvogel.

Your GP can help you with not only medical interventions but also your psychosocial needs as they change over your life.

“By having a trusted GP, they can help you with the issues you face across your life-span. Particular stages of life may cause additional stress, such as parenting young children, during menopause or retirement, so your GP can help you access relevant help to support you in your particular stage of life,” said Dr Liedvogel.

The theme for Family Doctor Week 2015 is You and Your Family Doctor: the best partnership in health.

CHN is the ACT’s primary health care organisation supporting health professionals to improve the coordination of care so that patients receive the right care in the right place at the right time.

For media interviews, please contact:

  • Roz Lemon, Media Advisor, Capital Health Network, ph. 0417 179 314
  • Dr Elizabeth Gallagher, President, AMA ACT, ph. 0438 676 042