Capital Health Network commenced as the ACT Primary Health Network (PHN) in July 2015 and is one of 31 PHNs established across Australia.

Capital Health Network’s role is to advance the way health care is delivered in Canberra. As the ACT Primary Health Network (PHN), we address community needs by collaborating with consumers, GPs, clinicians and sector stakeholders to improve health outcomes. We are unique in our ability to support general practice and design services that fill gaps and deliver lasting improvements.

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Outcomes include better health, better care, better supported workforce and better value. See our Capital Health Network Strategic Plan 2019/2024 to find out how we plan to achieve our strategic outcomes and how we will know when we have been successful.

Our Outcomes

Needs Assessment

To identify and analyse health and service needs within the ACT, we conduct an annual Population Health Needs Assessment. Using a social determinants of health approach, our Needs Assessment is based upon evidence and consultation with service providers, government directorates, communities and other stakeholders. We use the information to identify and prioritise activities or services we can fund or support to improve primary health care services for our community.

The Needs Assessment findings have identified nine key priority areas:

  • workforce
  • care across the continuum
  • vulnerable and at-risk groups
  • mental health
  • aged care
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health
  • digital health
  • alcohol and drug (AOD)
  • chronic disease management.

Funded Services

By understanding what the community needs, we plan and fund services that are designed to deliver outcomes that the community values. An example is the health services we contract to deliver care to people at risk of poor health outcomes.